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Ortho-tag Touch Probe and Interface

The Ortho-tag system is designed with key features that maintain the highest levels of security for Patient Health Information. Reading the Ortho-tag requires the use of a proprietary Ortho-tag Touch Probe; therefore, a conventional RFID reader is incapable of reading the Ortho-tag or Ortho-tag Card. Only when the patient is physically put in direct contact with a proprietary Ortho-tag Touch Probe can records be accessed regarding the specific implant.

The information generated by the Ortho-tag and Ortho-tag Card is made available through a secure, password encrypted interface that protects patient confidentiality, and adheres to all healthcare laws, including HIPAA regulations. The Ortho-tag Interface records, presents and interprets information regarding a specific implant and associated patient information through a secure registry. The Ortho-tag interface's information fields, as well as reports, can be customized to meet the specific needs of the end user (surgeon, hospital, implant manufacturer, insurance company), The generated information can be inserted into; Personal Health Records (PHR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other management systems.